Tips for your Visit

Please read our 5 simple suggestions for berry picking on our farm:

1. Agriculture is dependent on the weather. There is no set date on when things are available.

When in season, availability is dependent on weather and crop yields.  Raspberries are a more sensitive crop than strawberries, therefore days and times subject to change with availability, please call ahead.  Storms can rapidly impact picking availability and we will not risk putting customers in the field if the weather appears threatening.

2. This is an operational farm. Dress for the weather, closed toe shoes are important, and know that you will probably get dirty!

Rubber boots or old shoes are also recommended during a wet summer.  Long sleeves and pants are suggested for raspberries as the plants have thorns.

3. Oakridge Farms is a family farm and welcomes families and children, your children are your responsibility and must remain with you at all times.

For everyone's safety and enjoyment, children must be supervised.  Young children must remain within arms reach and older children must remain with you while picking. Understand your children's limitations, when they have "had it" it is time to go!  Running in the fields, strawberry throwing or other horseplay will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave. Raspberry picking is more time consuming than strawberry picking and the plants do have thorns.  For these reasons, raspberry picking may not be suitable for very young children.  Please keep this in mind when planning your visit!

4. Oakridge Farms is a family owned business (our livelyhood not a hobby), please respect the tremendous amount of work we put into growing our crops.

Please pick only what you intend to purchase and refrain from eating your way through your berry picking experience.  Yes, we expect you to sample-berry stained hands and clothes are part of your visit. We do not expect you to eat as much as you pick. Just as you would not eat your way through the grocery store, we expect the same at our farm.

5. Stay hydrated and use sun protection.

 Please remember to bring sun protection and plenty of drinking water. Field conditions can be very hot.  Bug spray is suggested for raspberry picking. Plan at least one hour for your visit, the length of your visit can vary based on how busy we are and picking conditions.