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To clean,  remove green tops to within 2 inches of white section (or less).  Peel off outside layer.  Cut leek into half lengthwise and wash thoroughly under water to remove grit and soil.

Leeks may be eaten raw, like green onions, and chopped into a variety of dishes.

Leeks may be cooked whole; try braising or baking.

Steam or boil leeks for 10-12 min.  Top with butter, a dash of salt, pepper and Parmesan cheese.

Layer thin slices of leek in a favorite sandwich.  Leek, tomato and melted cheese is a winner.

Lightly saute’ chopped leeks alone or with other vegetables.

Chop or slice leeks for onions in recipes and notice the subtle flavor changes.

Puree cooked leeks for a soup base.

Add cooked leeks to mashed potatoes.