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Posted 7/22/2015 9:26pm by Susan.

Okay, so I actually have a confession to make.  I am changing it up this week because I was a little scatterbrained when I got home with my box of goodies - I got them all cleaned up, prepped and put away...............and then realized I never took a picture!!!  

SO, I figured I would make my ooops into something a little more fun for this week.    I will be posting pictures of some of the things I make with ingredients from this week's share, starting with a Fennel, cucumber and avocado salsa that tasted as fresh as can be!

Recipe:   Chop up Fennel bulb, half an onion, one cucumber, juice of 2 limes, 2 T of sugar and 1t of salt.   Recipe called for cilantro, but I didn't have any.   I am guessing it gets better as it sits, I will have to try it with Cilantro tomorrow :)

What fun things did YOU try this week?

Posted 7/15/2015 8:54pm by Susan.

Roasted fennel, roasted cauliflower, roasted squash...............are you sensing a theme here?   I was going to try roasting kohlrabi, but it never even makes it into the fridge.........

I remember seeing fennel used in many different cooking shows, and always thought it would be interesting to that I actually have some, I can't remember how it was used that had me so fascinated.   So, I shall roast it, since it sounds like it will be pretty yummy.  

What is YOUR plan for the fennel this week?

Tuesday nights, after I pick up my box, I do as much prep as I can to get everything ready to eat during the week.   My dog has already learned that when the cutting board is pulled out, it is treat time!   Is he the only dog that has his own bag of veggies in the fridge?   His weekly menu is kohlrabi skin, squash ends, broccoli and cauliflower leaves, cabbage hearts and green bean ends.   Somehow I feel like this kind of "people food" is not something he should be banned from eating...........

Posted 7/9/2015 7:47am by Susan.

While I was sad to see the end of strawberry season, I was THRILLED to see raspberries in the box this week.   The only reason they made it home is because I knew I needed to take a picture of them!

My new obsession with garlic scape pesto was fed nicely with the lovely bouquet of basil we were blessed with this week.   Last week I made it with some of the peas, and it tasted like "fresh", this week I think I might add some spinach.   I freeze it in muffin tins and then put the little "pucks of pesto" in a freezer bag for use all winter long.

This week, I am going to find something new and creative to do with the swiss chard - anyone have any suggestions?  What other new things have you tried with some of the box ingredients (It's almost like the Mystery Box on Master Chef, right?!)?

Enjoy the goodness this week everyone!


Posted 7/3/2015 11:10am by Susan.

As we celebrate Independence Day/Week, at least one of the traditional colors made up a lot of our goodies this week-lots of red to be found in the strawberries, radishes and beets in the box!  I saw an article online that had something to do with beets, and one of the comments someone made was "all beets are red".   I, of course, took the opportunity to set him straight that some are golden on the inside, and some look like peppermints - thanks to the CSA, I now know that!

This week I am going to try "Pasta with Garlic Scape Pesto and Spring Peas" as my "something new" recipe, and sauteed green beans as my "I've been waiting all winter to make this again" recipe.    What new and "old friend" recipes are you making with this week's goodies?

Posted 6/24/2015 8:52pm by Susan.

I am not sure what I was happier to see this week, the beets, or the kohlrabi.   Both are a huge hit at my house - I haven't gotten the chance to try kohlrabi cooked, it never even makes it to the fridge!    Roasted beets with pistachios are on the menu for dinner tomorrow - YUM!  

And that bag of cut herbs - how amazing was it to open that and just breath in the summer freshness!?   How, exactly, do YOU pronounce it?    Do you say "BAY-zill" like a good Wisconsinite, or are you of the Gordon Ramsey school and call it "BAHzl"?   Personally, I pronounce it PESTO :)

Another wonderful week reminding us of how lucky we are to know exactly where this amazing bounty comes from - what are YOU most grateful for from this week's box?

Posted 6/17/2015 7:31am by Susan.

After putting all of this lovely green goodness on display, attempting to frame the picture without giving away too much of my messy kitchen, and having half of it put away already, I realized there was Tot Soi in the bottom of the bag of Mizuna, so if you are attempting to find it ala Where's's not there!   (By the way, I never thought I would say "there was Tot Soi in the bottom of the bag of Mizuna" in my entire life - it sounds so trendy!).  I also missed getting the PYO coupon, which was hanging up to dry after being at the bottom of the laundry basket I use to transport the goods.   You will have to use your imagination :)

Speaking of Tot Soi and Mizuna, it's confession time folks.  I am thinking I might have to give up my self appointed title of "foodie", because I have to admit, I have never heard of these before, much less had them in my fridge.   Time to Google and experiment!  I will be sharing some with my southern daughter-in-law, so I will be interested to hear what she does with her portion........

I have half a dozen bottles of flavored olive oils and balsamics just dying to become light salad dressing for all of these new greens.   Tell us what YOU did with yours (or anything else in this week's box) in the comments section

Posted 6/11/2015 6:08pm by Susan.

I don't know about the rest of you, but this much anticipated start of the CSA season caught me completely off guard!   I had been looking forward to it, waiting patiently for it........but clearly not PLANNING for it.   My thoughts, in February, that I should start planning meals to use up what was still left in my freezer from the end of last year went out the window when "travelling season" started for me at work, and nothing got eaten.  It's a good thing this week was almost entirely things that are not "freezer worthy"!!!   Strawberries rarely last long enough to freeze around here anyway.....

Over the winter, I was able to do some traveling to parts of the country I had not yet been to, and, since I am food adventurous, I am now in love with grits (which my husband really wishes had NOT happened), and ARUGULA!!  I was SO happy to see it in the box this week that I immediately made a salad of it and shared NONE of it (hey, if he doesn't like my new love of grits, he doesn't get to taste my favorite greens either).

What was YOUR favorite item in the box this week?    And PLEASE someone else confess that I am not the ONLY one that wasn't quite prepared................

Week 115

Posted 5/26/2015 8:26pm by Susan.

Don't forget the Member Meeting!!!

Wednesday, May 27th, 6:30

at the Neenah Public Library

Shattuck Community Room

 ~ This is a chance to meet face to face, learn more about the farm and get any lingering questions answered!  Jodie will also share tips to make the most of the CSA experience, talk about best practice and explain how vacation holds work.~   



Shares start June 9th!!!

Posted 2/24/2015 12:48pm by Jodi Schultz.

Hi Folks!

On February 28th, we are joining with CSA farmers from across the country to celebrate National CSA Sign-up Day. This is an important time of year for us to get new members signed up because we are in the process of making the investments that will result in a successful harvest many months from now.

The CSA model is an important model to support our farm. We deeply value the connections we have made with members in our surrounding communities.  The model truly allows us to continue farming and support our family. Thank you for your support on this now and throughout the year. It is so important for us and we are thankful to you!

To celebrate National CSA Sign-up Day, we are offering a $10 discount to members who sign up on February 28th. Use coupon code CSADAY to get the discount. If you are already signed up or just want to help us spread the word, please post about National CSA Sign-up Day on social media or forward this email to a friend.

Your farmers,

Blaine and Jodi Schultz

Posted 9/29/2014 5:41pm by Susan.

I am really getting into this fermenting thing!  

Found out I work with someone who is a fermenting "enthusiast" (or so her business card says), and she talked me into branching out from kraut (I made a rhyme there, did ya' see how I did that?!)  

SOOOO, this week I bring you fermented cauliflower!!!!!!!  (It is actually already ready, so I can tell you that it tastes YUMMY!!!!)

I have also hoarded all of the tomatoes, most of the peppers and onions, and some of the garlic, because I simply ADORE this roasted vegetable salsa.   This is the "before" (actually, the "during", since it has already been roasted) and the "after" (i.e. What I am about to devour).  It freezes well, and is best served warm - last year's batch ALMOST lasted me until this year :)


What new "thing" or method have you tried with your CSA bounty this year?   Did you try anything that didn't work out like you planned? (Sometimes that's a good thing, since my favorite salsa (above) started out to be marinara sauce.