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Posted 6/6/2010 7:26pm by Jodi Schultz.
It's all systems go at Oakridge Farms!

Oakridge Farms will open for pick your own (PYO) strawberries on Monday, June 7th at 7am!  We will continue to offer PYO everyday while the supply lasts (typically 3-4 weeks).

PYO hours: M-F 7am-5pm and Sa-Su 7am-3pm

All four of our farmstands will also open for the season on Monday, hours vary by location, please visit our web site for full details.

Picking containers are available for pick your own, but you are certainly welcome to bring your own bucket or basket.  Please have your container weighed in the store before you begin picking if you do bring your own.

We also recommend sunscreen, a water bottle and an early start!  Oakridge Farms accepts cash or check, unfortunately we do NOT accept credit or debit cards.

Please remember weather conditions such as heavy rains or temperature extremes may impact picking conditions.  If the weather is questionable or if you are planning to pick later in the day, we always recommend calling ahead to confirm that the fields have not been "picked out".  Please call 725-1541 for picking updates.

In addition to strawberries, we have shell peas and lettuce available at our farmstands.  Sugar snap peas and kohlrabi are coming soon.  At CB only, we also have our own honey and eggs!

We are excited to host you at our farm and to share the fruits of our labor!  Thank you and see you in the field!

Oakridge Farms
Posted 6/3/2010 1:44pm by Jodi Schultz.
We are so excited to kick-off another growing season and enjoy fresh produce again!  We are working hard to get all of our tomatoe, pepper, summer squash, cucumber and melon plants in the ground and sampling the first strawberries. We will be closed tomorrow to harvest for markets and prepare for a busy weekend.

Pre-picked strawberries and shell peas will be available on Saturday, June 5th at the following locations:

125 Cty Rd CB, open weekends 9-4pm and weekdays 9-6pm

Kruegger's True Value lot, open weekends 10-4pm and weekdays 10-6pm

Downtown Green Bay Farmer's Market, Saturdays 7am-12pm

We have not yet determined a start date for pick-your-own (PYO) strawberries, we are monitering field conditions daily.  It is important for us and our customers to have a plentiful supply of berries before we open to the public for picking! 

Our price is $1.35/# and picking hours will be M-F 7am-5pm and Sa-Su 7am-4pm.  The first wagon will not leave until 7am, no matter how early you arrive!  We do not pick in the rain and there is a possibility of being picked out by afternoon.  We recommend calling if you plan to pick later in the day or if the weather looks uncertain, but if the sun is shining and it's early in the day the berries should be plentiful.

You will recieve an email update as soon as we determine our opening day for PYO, don't worry!  We are as eager as you are, but some things are out of our control and we kind of like it that way!

Thank you for supporting local agriculture!
The Oakridge Farms Family
Posted 5/24/2010 8:21am by Jodi Leslie.

Looking at the forcast  for this week, I am anxious to get back to weather in the 70's and our crops are too!  Our strawberry fields are full of blossoms and the early varieties are bearing small green fruits, it won't be long before we are enjoying ripe, red berries.  We are anticipating an early season this year with both strawberries and raspberries.  At this point are predicting strawberries to start ripening in the first week of June and raspberries before July 4th!  Stay tuned!

Posted 8/3/2009 12:09pm by Jodi Schultz.

Thank you all for a wonderful 2009 berry season!  While our fruit crops are done producing we have an abundance of delicious produce on the farm.  Sweet corn, green beans, slicing cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, broccoli and eggplant are now available.  Tomatoes and peppers are coming on slowly in the cool weather, but within a week we will have a steady supply.  Dust off your canning supplies and start thinking pickles and salsa!

Posted 7/6/2009 9:37pm by Jodi Schultz.

Strawberry season is short and sweet and we are entering our final days of picking.  PYO will run 7am-6pm until Thursday, June 9th.  The price has been reduced to .90/# as late season picking is slower.

We have not determined a start date for PYO raspberries but we will have an update soon!  The crop looks great and we have raspberries available for purchase at our stands!

Posted 6/10/2009 12:04pm by Jodi Schultz.

A cool start to the month of June has pushed back typical harvest dates by 1-2 weeks.  As farmers, we are constantly balancing the things that we can control and the things we cannot.  The past few weeks have been heavy on the side of things we cannot control...frost warnings, heavy rain and cool daytime and night temperatures.  Small green fruits are abundant on our strawberry plants as we analyze the changes and scour the fields for ripe berries.  For now we play the waiting game, for fruit to ripen and picking to begin!

Posted 5/22/2009 2:22pm by Jodi Schultz.

Our strawberry plants are nearing full bloom and we are anticipating a plentiful crop of berries this season.  We were fortuntate to avoid any frost damage during a few dangerously cold nights (for strawberries).  Night temperatures that dip below 34 degrees during this time of the year lead to sleepless nights of running frost control and very tired farmers!

At this time, we expect pick-your-own strawberries to begin around June 18th.  THIS DATE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE due to weather and field conditions.  We all know that Wisconsin weather is unpredictable, but that is our best estimation at this time.  Sign-up today for our mailing list to keep informed!

Posted 5/19/2009 1:32am by Jodi Schultz.

If you are reading this, you have obviously found our web site!  We are very excited to bring our business online and communicate with our customers via the web.  Our site in currently in the "construction" phase but will be ready to go by JUNE 1st which is just about the time our season gets really rolling.

We are very busy in the fields gearing up for another growing season and our 2nd year of pick-your-own strawberries.  Strawberries season begins in mid-June, stay tuned for frequent updates about our berries and other farm news!