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The "spoils" of the season

Posted 9/5/2016 4:46pm by Susan.

Well, technically not SPOILED, but fermented at least......this is what usually happens on Labor Day weekend after I have been hoarding cabbage for a few weeks, it's KRAUT TIME!!!  I had a roommate in college whose dad made homemade sauerkraut, and I still remember how good it tasted after ALL these years.   When I found out you didn't really need those super expensive antique 25 gallon Redwing (?) stoneware crocks to make it, I was delighted.  And then to find out how truly easy it is?  Even better.  Sea/kosher salt, finely sliced cabbage, and time was all it takes.   And a rather large supply of jars, that helps (not pictured are the 2 huge full pickle jars that I got from a local restaurant that was more than willing to share).   I weigh the cabbage down with a ziploc bag filled with water to keep the cabbage below the brine, and push down to get the bubbles out every few days, but other than that they are pretty hands off.  How long they ferment is personal preference, once they taste just right, put the jars in the fridge, or cool root cellar, which slows down the fermenting long enough for you to enjoy.  Most of my kraut is given away, I just keep one jar to enjoy for myself, or maybe two, since this year I tried one with caraway seeds so I'm anxious to see how that turns out!    I will leave some cabbage for the rest of you to try this week :)