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Experiments in cooking

Posted 7/27/2016 8:38pm by Susan.

I have started to realize why my husband rolls his eyes when the words "I'm going to try something new" come out of my mouth, especially when I am standing with the door of the refrigerator open or with the contents of the CSA box in front of me.  Usually I am successful, but sometimes?   The dog eats well.    The picture below is a prime example.  It looks SO pretty, and would the perfect edition to any PINK picnic..........however.........


It's slightly less impressive than it looks, if it even looks impressive.......It was supposed to be some sort of slaw, with kohlrabi, raw beets and broccoli, mixed with mayo and pickle juice.   It was actual good, just not worth all the work of cutting and shredding - I would have been better off to use purple cabbage.  But, never fear, experiment stage 2 went much better - I rinsed off the dressing and stir fried them.   NO wasted veggies here!

So, I will keep experimenting, and posting pictures of my successes as well as my failures :)