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A new salad twist

Posted 8/21/2016 8:18pm by Susan.

A few weeks ago, I happened to have the TV on during the day and there was a news/talk show on that was doing a segment on Kale - is it healthy, is it suddenly not healthy?  Or something like that.   One of the things they did was to have "experts" try eating different greens as a sort of salad and then report on both the taste and the nutritional value.   Apparently, the most nutritious was NOT kale, but broccoli leaves!  But, they lamented, hard to come by and expensive when you do find them.  So, imagine my delight when I had some actual greens to work with this last week!   I put a sweeter poppyseed dressing on them in case they were bitter, but they were not, and it did taste quite good.


I also tried making corn on the cob on the grill, and it actually turned out (I am always impressed when my first attempt at something sans recipe actually works).   We still enjoy it steamed in the husk in our turkey deep fryer, but someone boiled it dry last summer and burned a hole in the bottom of the pot............so we are making due this year :)

PS, I'm sure I was not the only one thrilled to see tomatoes, right???