About Us

Oakridge Farms is owned and operated by Blaine and Jodi Schultz. Together with our children- Ethan (20), Selah (15) and Jasper (3)-and a hardworking crew of seasonal employees, we work hard to grow fruits and vegetables for you. We chose to start farming because of our passionate feelings about agriculture and our food system.  As first generation farmers, we were young, very optimistic and up for the adventure. We were fortunate enough to work as farm apprentices with organic berry farmers who mentored us into the profession.  Years later we are forever grateful for those relationships and willingness to share. 

Although neither of us grew up on a family farm, we don't have to go back too many generations to find our agricultural heritage.  The Schultz family history goes back many generations in Neenah and we are fortunate to farm family land located on Oakridge Road, hence the name of our farm.  Blaine grew up with a big family garden and developed his green thumb early, match that with a risk taking personality and being a fast learner, farming fits him perfectly.  Add mechanic and meteorologist to his many talents and it is no wonder why he grows excellent produce. Jodi grew up just outside of Madison and worked on her first strawberry farm at 18, quickly learning that there was nothing romantic about this farming business.  She couldn't shake the strawberry habit after that first season and found that farming is the perfect melding of her world views and a livelihood.  She would say the same about literacy, which is why you will also find her working at the public library. 


Established in 2002, Oakridge Farms began as a 1/4 acre of heirloom tomatoes and has grown to nearly 65 acres of fruit and vegetables in production. We have established a great reputation for our strawberries and sweet corn, but we are much, much more. We ran a small CSA during the '03-'05 seasons. In 2005 we took over the former Collins Produce farm and focused more on fruit production.  Since that time we have developed a system of building soil fertility through biological farming. Balanced soils produce healthy, pest and disease resistant crops with a minimum of chemical intervention.  Healthy, balanced, nutrient rich soils are at the root of the delicious fruits and vegetables you enjoy from Oakridge Farms. 

We grow high quality, unique and delicious fruits and vegetables to eat and enjoy. We are also committed to developing a local food system in our area.  We farm using sustainable methods of agriculture: economic, environmental and social goals are all part of our farm plan!

Our produce is available at the Downtown Appleton Farm Market, a daily farm stand and through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share program.  We offer pick-your-own strawberries and raspberries when in season.